Kalendář: I am Legend (XII.International Camp)

Legends - stories of extraordinary persons inspired people of all times and cultures. And what about us? Do great stories still influnce our lives? Or there is no place for legends in our world? We will focus on how stories of extraordinary people influence and form our lives. We're going to pay special attention to influential biblical characters Leaders Jan Lavický (vicar of the ECCB, CZ) and Arkadiusz Raszka (student of the theology, The Evangelical Church of Augsburg Confession in Poland) WHAT? a one-week camp in the mountains, biblical program, games, sport and hiking! WHO? youth aged 17-25, speaking english FEE: 2 200 CZK/85 EUR (student), 2600 CZK/100 EUR (worker) More information below and also via: https://www.facebook.com/events/369231996926066/ WEBSITES: http://icamp.evangnet.cz/

Kdy: 14. — 21. 7. 2018, 17:00h
Místo: Herlíkovice
Www: http://bit.ly/international-camp (349x)
Cílová skupina: mládež.
Region: Česko.
Druh akce: kurz.


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